Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rainone/Roofener Wedding

One of our first Spark Couture clients, Danielle Rainone and Ted Roofener, decided to work with us to create their wedding invitation sets in part because we do the design and printing all at our facility allowing them and us the greatest amount of control over the quality and look of the final product.

Each set includes a printed outer envelope with a printed liner, an blank inner envelope also with a different printed liner, and a main invitation panel printed on 4-ply Rising Museum Board in White. Three additional panel cards are printed on Rising Museum Board in White, only using 2-ply so they are set apart from the main invitation. The three panel cards are sized differently so they are different from each other. The reception card is the smallest, the welcome celebration card is next and then the reply card is on the bottom since it had the most information. The panel cards and reply envelope are enclosed in a Gilbert Esse Espresso 100# cover wrap, with a white Arturo printed band holding the wraps shut. We have a picture of the press in action printing the envelope liners, as well as some new images we just shot of her entire set.